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Who Writes the Comic Strip Pearls Before Swine?

If you’re a fan of the comic strip Pearls Before Swine, you might be curious about who is behind the hilarious and often satirical content. Well, wonder no more! The creator and writer of this popular comic strip is none other than Stephan Pastis.

Who is Stephan Pastis?

Stephan Pastis was born in California in 1968. He attended the University of California, Berkeley, where he studied political science. After graduation, he attended law school at UCLA, but ultimately decided that being a lawyer wasn’t for him.

How did he get into cartooning?

After leaving law school, Pastis began working odd jobs while trying to break into the world of cartooning. He submitted his work to various publications but didn’t have any luck getting published at first.

However, in 1997, Pastis got his first big break when he was hired as an editorial cartoonist for the San Francisco Examiner. Over time, he began to develop the characters that would eventually become Pearls Before Swine.

What is Pearls Before Swine?

Pearls Before Swine is a daily comic strip that has been syndicated since 2001. It follows the adventures of several anthropomorphic animals, including a rat named Rat and a pig named Pig.

The strip often features social commentary and satire on current events and pop culture. It’s known for its dark humor and occasional use of profanity (though always censored).

What makes Pearls Before Swine unique?

One thing that sets Pearls Before Swine apart from other comics is its distinctive art style. Pastis has said that he intentionally draws his characters in a simple style to make them easier to animate for potential TV adaptations.

Another unique aspect of Pearls Before Swine is its willingness to tackle controversial subjects. The strip has tackled topics like politics, religion, and mental health, often with a humorous or satirical twist.


In conclusion, Pearls Before Swine is a comic strip that has been entertaining readers for over 20 years. Its creator and writer, Stephan Pastis, has become well-known in the world of cartooning for his unique style and willingness to tackle controversial subjects. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the strip, Pearls Before Swine is definitely worth checking out!