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Who Writes the Comic Strip Shoe?

Have you ever wondered who writes the popular comic strip Shoe? This beloved comic strip has been entertaining readers for over 40 years with its witty humor and relatable characters. So, let’s dive in and learn more about the creative minds behind Shoe.

The Beginning of Shoe

Shoe was created by cartoonist Jeff MacNelly in 1977. MacNelly was already a well-known name in the world of comics as he had won three Pulitzer Prizes for his editorial cartoons. He wanted to create a comic strip that would be different from anything else out there, and thus Shoe was born.

Jeff MacNelly

MacNelly continued to write and draw Shoe until his untimely death in 2000. He was known for his sharp wit, political satire, and ability to create memorable characters. His legacy lives on through his work on Shoe and his other cartoons.

The Current Creative Team

After MacNelly’s death, several cartoonists attempted to continue the legacy of Shoe, but it wasn’t until 2008 that the current creative team took over. The team consists of writer Chris Cassatt and artist Gary Brookins.

Chris Cassatt

Cassatt is a seasoned writer who has worked on numerous comic strips such as Citizen Dog and Giraffe Head Tree. He brings a fresh perspective to the writing of Shoe while still staying true to its roots.

Gary Brookins

Brookins is an accomplished artist who has worked on several well-known comic strips such as Pluggers and The Duplex. His artwork brings life to the characters of Shoe and captures their unique personalities perfectly.

The Creative Process

The process of creating each daily strip begins with Cassatt coming up with ideas for the storyline or jokes. Once he has a few ideas, he sends them to Brookins to create the artwork. The two then work together to refine the final product before it is submitted for publication.

The Legacy of Shoe

Shoe has become a beloved comic strip with a devoted fan base. Its unique blend of satire and humor has kept readers engaged for over 40 years. With the current creative team at the helm, Shoe is sure to continue entertaining readers for years to come.

In Conclusion

So there you have it, the creative minds behind Shoe. Jeff MacNelly may have created the comic strip, but Cassatt and Brookins have kept it alive with their fresh ideas and artistic talents. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Shoe and join its legion of fans.