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Who Wrote the Comic Strip Alley Oop?

Alley Oop is a popular comic strip that has been entertaining readers for over 80 years. Created by V.T. Hamlin, Alley Oop first appeared in newspapers in 1932 and quickly became a hit due to its unique blend of humor, adventure, and prehistoric setting.

Who was V. Hamlin?

Vincent Trout Hamlin, also known as V. Hamlin was born on October 10th, 1900 in Perry, Iowa.

He began his career as a cartoonist while working for the Des Moines Register in the early 1920s. Later on, he moved to Chicago where he worked as an artist for various publications.

Hamlin’s big breakthrough came when he created the character of Alley Oop. The character was first introduced as a caveman who lived in the prehistoric land of Moo. Alley Oop had a pet dinosaur named Dinny and together they went on many adventures.

The creation of Alley Oop:

Hamlin got the idea for Alley Oop while working for the Des Moines Register. He was asked to create a daily comic strip that would appeal to both adults and children. He came up with the idea of a prehistoric caveman who would go on wild adventures with his pet dinosaur.

The first few strips of Alley Oop were published in August 1932 and it quickly became popular among readers of all ages. The strip continued to grow in popularity over the next few years and by the mid-1930s, it was one of the most widely read comic strips in America.

The legacy of Alley Oop:

Over the years, Alley Oop has become more than just a comic strip character – he has become an American icon. The character has been featured in numerous TV shows, movies, books and even video games.

In addition to being entertaining, Alley Oop also has an important place in the history of comic strips. The strip was one of the first to use time-travel as a storytelling device and it paved the way for many other comics that followed.

The end of Alley Oop:

Hamlin continued to write and illustrate Alley Oop until his retirement in 1971. After that, several other writers and artists worked on the strip, but it never regained its former popularity.

Today, Alley Oop is remembered as one of the most innovative and influential comic strips of all time. Its creator, V. Hamlin, will always be remembered as a pioneer in the world of comic strips.

  • In conclusion:

Alley Oop is a beloved comic strip that has entertained readers for generations.

Hamlin, was a talented artist and writer who revolutionized the world of comics with his innovative ideas and unique characters. Although Alley Oop is no longer being published, its legacy lives on and it will always be remembered as one of the greatest comic strips in history.