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Who Wrote the Comic Strip Blondie?

Blondie is a comic strip that has been loved by generations of readers since its debut in 1930. The comic strip revolves around the life of Blondie Bumstead, a beautiful and kind-hearted woman, and her husband Dagwood, an affable but lazy man who comes from a wealthy family.

The creator of Blondie was Chic Young, an American cartoonist who was born on January 9th, 1901, in Chicago. Young started his career as an advertising artist but soon shifted his focus to comic strips.

His first comic strip was “The Affairs of Jane” which he created in 1928. However, it was his second creation, Blondie that became his most famous work.

Blondie debuted on September 8th, 1930, in just 28 newspapers across the United States. The early strips depicted Blondie as a flapper with short hair and a carefree attitude. However, as the strip gained popularity and readership grew, Young changed the character of Blondie to be more family-oriented.

One of the most iconic characters in the comic strip is Dagwood Bumstead who is known for his love for sandwiches. Dagwood’s sandwich obsession became so popular that it even led to the creation of a sandwich named after him – The Dagwood Sandwich.

Over time, Chic Young’s sons Dean and Jim took over the reins of writing and drawing the comic strip after their father passed away in 1973. Today, Blondie is still being published and remains one of the most popular comic strips around the world.

In conclusion, Chic Young is the creator of Blondie – one of the most beloved comic strips ever created. With its engaging characters and relatable storylines, it continues to capture hearts and minds around the world even today.