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Who Wrote the Comic Strip Nancy?

If you are a fan of comic strips, you might have come across the comic strip “Nancy”. This comic strip is known for its witty humor and clever storytelling that has captivated readers for decades.

But have you ever wondered who wrote this iconic comic strip? Let’s dive into the history of Nancy and find out.

The Creation of Nancy

Nancy was created by Ernie Bushmiller in 1933. He was a cartoonist who started his career as an Illustrator for advertisements. However, he soon realized that he had a talent for creating comics and began to focus on that genre.

The Early Years of Nancy

When Nancy first appeared in newspapers, it was a part of the Fritzi Ritz comic strip. However, after a while, Nancy became so popular that it received its own standalone comic strip in 1938.

Ernie Bushmiller continued to write and draw the comic strip until his death in 1982. During this time, he transformed Nancy from a simple gag-a-day comic strip to a more sophisticated storytelling format that included multi-panel storylines.

The Legacy of Nancy

After Ernie Bushmiller’s death, other cartoonists took over the reins of writing and drawing Nancy. Some notable names include Mark Lasky, Guy Gilchrist, and Jerry Scott. They continued to keep the spirit of the original comic strip alive while also adding their unique touch to it.

Today, Nancy continues to be published in newspapers all over the world and has millions of fans who eagerly await each new installment.


In conclusion, Ernie Bushmiller is the creator of the beloved comic strip “Nancy”. His legacy continues through the work of other talented cartoonists who have kept Nancy fresh and exciting for new generations of readers. With its timeless humor and relatable characters, it’s no wonder that Nancy has become an iconic comic strip that continues to captivate audiences of all ages.