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Who’s the Beetle Bailey Comic Strip About?

Beetle Bailey is a comic strip that has been entertaining readers since 1950. Created by Mort Walker, the comic strip centers around the life of a lazy and unmotivated soldier named Beetle Bailey.

The Characters

Beetle Bailey isn’t the only character in the comic strip. There are several other characters that add to the humor of the strip. Some of these characters include:

  • Sarge – Beetle’s tough and strict superior officer
  • Killer – A hot-headed soldier who is always getting into trouble
  • Cookie – The cook who is always trying to make Beetle eat healthier food
  • General Halftrack – The commander of Camp Swampy where Beetle and his friends are stationed
  • Miss Buxley – General Halftrack’s secretary who is often pursued by Beetle and Killer, much to Sarge’s disapproval

The Setting

The comic strip is set in Camp Swampy, which is a fictional military base. The base is located somewhere in the United States and serves as a training ground for new soldiers.

The Humor

The humor in Beetle Bailey comes from the contrast between Beetle’s laziness and Sarge’s strictness. While Sarge tries to motivate his soldiers to work hard, Beetle does everything he can to avoid doing any work. This often leads to hilarious situations where Sarge gets frustrated with Beetle’s lack of motivation.

The Legacy of Beetle Bailey

Over the years, Beetle Bailey has become one of the most popular comic strips in the world. It has been syndicated in over 1,800 newspapers and translated into 28 languages.

Mort Walker continued to write and draw Beetle Bailey until his death in 2018. The comic strip is now being drawn by his sons, Brian and Greg Walker.

Beetle Bailey has also been adapted into several television shows and movies over the years.


Beetle Bailey is a classic comic strip that has entertained readers for over 70 years. Its relatable characters and humorous situations have made it a favorite among readers of all ages. If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to check it out!