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Why Did Batman Save Joker but Not Ra’s Al Ghul?

Batman is one of the most iconic superheroes in the DC Universe. Known for his unwavering sense of justice, he has saved many lives and brought many villains to justice.

However, there are times when he makes decisions that are seemingly contradictory to his beliefs. One such decision is why he saved Joker but not Ra’s Al Ghul. Let’s take a closer look at this paradox.

The Joker

The Joker is one of the most notorious villains in Gotham City. He is a homicidal maniac who revels in chaos and destruction.

He has killed countless people and caused untold damage to the city. Despite this, Batman has always had a soft spot for him.

Why did Batman save the Joker? The answer lies in their relationship.

Batman and Joker have a long-standing history and a complex relationship that goes beyond hero and villain. They are two sides of the same coin, with Batman representing order and justice while Joker represents chaos and anarchy.

Batman understands that the Joker is mentally ill, and saving him from harm is an attempt to help him rather than punish him for his actions.

Ra’s Al Ghul

Ra’s Al Ghul, on the other hand, is a different story altogether. He is the leader of the League of Assassins, a group dedicated to achieving their goals at any cost. Ra’s believes that humanity needs to be culled periodically to restore balance to the world.

Batman sees Ra’s as a threat not just to Gotham City but also to humanity as a whole. Unlike with the Joker, there is no personal relationship between Batman and Ra’s that would prompt him to save him from harm.

Furthermore, Ra’s is not mentally ill like the Joker; he is fully aware of his actions and does them purposefully.


In conclusion, Batman’s decision-making process regarding saving villains depends on various factors. He has a different relationship with each villain, and he takes into account their mental state and the impact they have on society.

While he may save the Joker due to their complex relationship, he sees Ra’s Al Ghul as a threat to humanity. It is this sense of duty towards protecting society that drives Batman to make these difficult decisions.

As with many things in the DC Universe, there is no straightforward answer to why Batman saved Joker but not Ra’s Al Ghul. However, one thing is for sure: Batman will always do what he believes is right, even if it means making tough choices.