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Why Did Marvel Stop Making Animated Movies?

Marvel has been known for its amazing cinematic universe, with blockbuster movies like The Avengers and Spider-Man: Homecoming. However, the company’s success is not limited to live-action movies, as they have also produced some incredible animated movies like Big Hero 6 and Into the Spider-Verse.

But have you ever wondered why Marvel stopped making animated movies? Let’s take a look.

The Beginning of Marvel’s Animated Movies

In 2006, Marvel Animation was established to create new animated series and films based on their popular comic book characters. This led to the release of some well-known animated movies like Hulk Vs., Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow, and Thor: Tales of Asgard. These movies did well both critically and commercially, which led to the production of more animated films.

The Rise of Live-Action Movies

As Marvel’s live-action cinematic universe began to take shape with Iron Man in 2008, it became clear that these movies were much more successful than their animated counterparts. With each new live-action movie release breaking box office records, it made sense for Marvel to focus solely on these films.

Disney’s Acquisition

In 2009, Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion. After this acquisition, Disney began to focus more on family-friendly content and decided that it made more sense for them to produce animated TV shows instead of films. This led to the creation of shows like Avengers Assemble and Guardians of the Galaxy: The Animated Series.


In conclusion, Marvel stopped making animated movies due to several factors including the rise of live-action movies and Disney’s acquisition which shifted their focus towards producing TV shows instead. While we may miss seeing our favorite superheroes in animated form on the big screen, we can still enjoy their adventures in various TV shows that are available for streaming online.