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Why Do Marvel Movies Look So Bad?

When it comes to superhero movies, Marvel has been leading the pack for over a decade. From Iron Man to Spider-Man: No Way Home, Marvel movies have been box office hits, loved by audiences around the world.

However, one thing that has been a consistent point of criticism is the visual style of these films. Many fans and critics have pointed out that Marvel movies often look bad. But why is this the case?

The Marvel Formula

Part of the answer lies in the Marvel formula itself. The studio has a set way of making their movies that involves a lot of CGI and special effects. While this can be impressive at times, it can also make the films look cheap and artificial.

The heavy reliance on visual effects also means that many scenes are shot on green screens or in front of blue screens, which can result in awkward compositions and unconvincing backgrounds.

The Rushed Production Schedule

Another reason why Marvel movies might not look as good as they could is because of their rushed production schedule. Marvel releases multiple films each year, which means that they have to work quickly in order to meet their deadlines.

This can result in sloppy CGI work or rushed editing jobs that don’t allow for proper attention to detail. Additionally, when directors are working with tight schedules and limited resources, they may not be able to achieve the visual style they were hoping for.

The Lack Of A Singular Vision

Marvel’s MCU is an interconnected universe with many different characters and storylines happening simultaneously. While this allows for epic crossovers and team-ups, it can also lead to inconsistency in terms of visual style.

Each movie has its own director who brings their own unique vision to the project. However, because these directors are working within a larger framework set by Marvel Studios, there may not be enough room for them to fully realize their creative ideas.

The Color Grading

One aspect of Marvel movies that has been particularly criticized is their color grading. Many fans have pointed out that the films often have a dull, grayish look that can be unappealing.

This is partly due to the fact that Marvel movies are shot digitally, which can result in a flat look. However, it’s also because of the way the films are color graded in post-production.

Many Marvel films use a technique called teal and orange grading, which involves boosting the contrast between blue and orange tones in order to create a more dramatic look. While this can work well in some cases, it can also make scenes look artificial and overdone.

The Bottom Line

So, why do Marvel movies look so bad? The answer is complicated and multifaceted. While there are certainly some aspects of their visual style that could be improved upon, it’s important to remember that these movies are still incredibly popular and successful.

Ultimately, whether or not you enjoy the way Marvel movies look is subjective. Some people love the epic visuals and larger-than-life action scenes, while others find them over-the-top and distracting. Regardless of your opinion on their visual style, there’s no denying that Marvel has had a huge impact on the world of superhero cinema and pop culture as a whole.