Batman / Batman Joker

Why Does Batman See Joker in Arkham Knight?

Batman has always been a fan favorite superhero, and his battles with the Joker have become legendary. In the game “Arkham Knight,” players are left wondering why Batman sees the Joker. The answer lies in the game’s story and underlying themes.

The Story of Arkham Knight

In “Arkham Knight,” Batman faces a new villain called the Arkham Knight, who is leading an army of supervillains against him. As Batman fights to save Gotham, he also battles his inner demons. The game explores the theme of duality and how Batman’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne, struggles to reconcile his two identities.

How Does Joker Fit In?

The Joker has always represented chaos and madness in Batman’s world. In “Arkham Knight,” he appears as a hallucination that only Batman can see. This is because of a plot device called fear toxin, which is used by Scarecrow to manipulate Batman’s mind.

Fear Toxin

Fear toxin is a chemical compound that induces fear in those who are exposed to it. Scarecrow uses this toxin to create chaos and control Gotham through fear. In “Arkham Knight,” he uses it on Batman repeatedly, causing him to experience horrifying hallucinations.

Joker’s Role

The Joker appears as a hallucination because he represents Batman’s fear of losing control and becoming like him – a chaotic villain. The Joker taunts Batman throughout the game, reminding him of his failures and pushing him closer towards madness.

The Importance of Duality

The theme of duality is central to “Arkham Knight.” It explores how Bruce Wayne struggles with being both Batman and a regular person with emotions and vulnerabilities. The game asks the question: can Bruce Wayne truly separate himself from his alter ego?

Batman vs Bruce Wayne

Batman is the embodiment of justice and order, while Bruce Wayne represents the human side of Batman. In “Arkham Knight,” Batman struggles to maintain his identity as Bruce Wayne and keep his relationships with those he cares about intact.

The Joker’s Influence

The Joker represents chaos and disorder, the exact opposite of Batman’s values. His presence in “Arkham Knight” reminds Batman of his fear of becoming like him – a villain who causes pain and suffering.

In Conclusion

“Arkham Knight” is a game that explores the depths of Batman’s psyche. The hallucinations of the Joker serve as a reminder of Batman’s fear and inner demons. Through the use of fear toxin and themes of duality, the game presents a complex narrative that challenges players to think about what it means to be both a hero and a human being.