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Why Does Joker Hate the Batman Who Laughs?

The Joker and the Batman Who Laughs are two of the most iconic characters in the DC Comics Universe. While they share similarities, such as their twisted sense of humor and disregard for human life, there is no love lost between them. The Joker despises the Batman Who Laughs, and there are several reasons why.

Origin Story

The Batman Who Laughs made his first appearance in Dark Nights: Metal #2. He is an alternate version of Batman from a dark multiverse who was exposed to a toxin that merged him with the Joker. The result was a deranged version of Batman with all of the Joker’s madness and none of his conscience.

Their Methods

One reason why the Joker hates the Batman Who Laughs is their methods. While both characters are known for their brutality, they approach violence differently. The Joker revels in chaos and unpredictability, while the Batman Who Laughs is calculating and strategic.

The Joker sees himself as an agent of chaos, while he views the Batman Who Laughs as an affront to his chaotic nature. To him, the other character represents a violation of what it means to be insane.

Their Endgame

Another reason why the Joker despises the Batman Who Laughs is their endgame. While both characters are similar in their desire for control over Gotham City, they have different goals.

The Joker wants to create chaos and destruction for its own sake, while the Batman Who Laughs wants to create order through fear and intimidation. They both want control over Gotham City but have vastly different ways of achieving it.


In conclusion, there are several reasons why the Joker hates the Batman Who Laughs. They have different approaches to violence, end goals, and methods that clash with each other’s ideas about what it means to be insane. The rivalry between these two characters has made for some compelling storytelling in the DC Comics Universe, and fans will be eager to see how it continues to unfold in the future.

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