Batman / Batman Joker

Will Batman Ever Kill Joker?

Batman and Joker – the two iconic characters from the DC universe that have captivated comic book fans for decades. The dynamic between these two has always been intriguing, with Batman being the hero who fights for justice and Joker being the villain who thrives on chaos. But one question that has been on every fan’s mind is – will Batman ever kill Joker?

The Batman-Joker Relationship

The relationship between Batman and Joker is one of the most complex in comic book history. While Batman sees himself as the protector of Gotham City, Joker sees himself as its destroyer. Their fights have often resulted in catastrophic events, leaving a trail of destruction behind.

The No-Killing Rule

Batman’s no-killing rule has been a defining characteristic of his character. He strongly believes that taking a life is never justified, even if it’s someone as evil as Joker. This rule has been tested time and again, especially when it comes to Joker.

The Argument Against Killing

Those who argue against Batman killing Joker believe that it would go against his moral code and turn him into a murderer. They also argue that killing Joker would make him a martyr and inspire other villains to take up his cause.

The Argument For Killing

On the other hand, those who argue for Batman killing Joker say that it’s necessary to put an end to his reign of terror once and for all. They believe that by not killing him, Batman is indirectly responsible for all the deaths caused by Joker.

Alternative Endings

Over the years, there have been several alternative endings where either Batman or Joker kills each other. In Frank Miller’s graphic novel ‘The Dark Knight Returns,’ an older Batman finally kills Joker after years of fighting him.

In Alan Moore’s ‘The Killing Joke,’ which is considered one of the best Joker stories ever written, Joker paralyzes Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) and tortures her father, Commissioner Gordon. Batman finally snaps and strangles Joker, but the ending is left ambiguous.

The Future

As of now, it’s unclear if Batman will ever kill Joker in the comics or movies. However, given the popularity of both characters, it’s unlikely that either of them will be killed off permanently.


The question of whether Batman will ever kill Joker remains unanswered. It’s a topic that has sparked debates among fans for years.

While some argue that killing Joker would go against Batman’s moral code, others believe that it’s necessary to end his reign of terror. Whatever the outcome may be, one thing is clear – their relationship will continue to fascinate comic book fans for generations to come.